Designs: New Swim


The moment we’ve all been waiting for – the 2013 Pierogi Picnic swim line is here!

Building from classics like the Green Girl, Blossom and Beach Bum designs, these new vintage-inspired suits are made custom for the buyer out of repurposed t-shirt cotton, making them as eco-friendly as they are chic and comfy! Each suit is hand-cut for the unique shape of the customer and also includes a stretchy swim lining, which helps dry time as well as shaping.


The Sunny Day suit is like a reincarnation of Green Girl with added embellishments at the hips and bust. Using fun striped fabrics, this is the perfect suit to pair with a bold in your face hue. And instead of the braided adjustable strap, this design has a halter tie that allows the wearer to shift the tension as needed.


The Sun-Kissed bikini is my personal favorite as it combines an art deco design with the casual look and feel of cotton. The geometric appliques on both the top and bottom of the bikini are made with a chevron meets stripe pattern that draws the eyes in ways that flatter a curvey figure.


The Stripes & Sun design brings together a bold color with a striped print for a swimsuit with a pop of whimsy. With a strapless bandeau top and high-waisted bottom, it combines a 1920s sentiment with a 21st century shape – making it both flattering and eye-catching.

Handmade cotton-based swimsuits are revolutionizing the way we hit the waves! Combining these cutting edge shapes with the casual feel of t-shirt fabric makes them truly one-of-a-kind.


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