An Indie Biz: Your Path

Comparison is the thief of joy

I absolutely love this graphic that I stumbled upon on Pinterest. It reminds me to keep my eyes set upon my own path.

It’s easy to get caught up in the success of others and compare them to your own progress. Not only is this a practice that leads to discouragement, it can also blind sight ones true potential. Instead of developing a new design, or experimenting with your product photos, you’ll find yourself in a slump trying to keep up with the crafty Jones’s. And what fun is that?!

There is no magic formula that dictates how your business can become successful. Don’t listen to the naysayers or the can-doers that try to sell or preach you into a path that they developed for their own niche. Success is subjective! We have to define it, refine towards it and find it for ourselves.

So instead of setting yourself up for constant competition and comparison – forge a path that’s true to your self and business. One that embraces your current skills, resources and vision and doesn’t look left and right at what others are doing. That’s how you’ll find contentment, knowing that there’s no right or wrong way to move forward, just your own way.

So today, I implore those of you who also have a crafty or creative endeavor, don’t look around and about. Instead, look forward to the road you’re currently on and embrace it.


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