Designs: New Swim


The moment we’ve all been waiting for – the 2013 Pierogi Picnic swim line is here!

Building from classics like the Green Girl, Blossom and Beach Bum designs, these new vintage-inspired suits are made custom for the buyer out of repurposed t-shirt cotton, making them as eco-friendly as they are chic and comfy! Each suit is hand-cut for the unique shape of the customer and also includes a stretchy swim lining, which helps dry time as well as shaping. Continue reading


An Indie Biz: Etsy’s New About Page

So I did it – I hunkered down last night to create my “About” page on Etsy.

Deciding how to embody your brand in a neatly wrapped box and bow was quite the ordeal – which must explain why I’ve been putting it off for the past week. From the moment I read the announcement I cringed, knowing that my over-the-top detail-oriented brain would implode at the possibilities. The questions that boggled my mind included: What kind of dialogue should I use in the description? How can I fit my life story into such a small space? What photos do I choose to include in the revolving banner? Should the copy be more polished? Goofy? Down-to-earth? Continue reading

New Designs: Dear Darling Dress

With the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair quickly approaching I have been dedicating every Saturday of this month to making new designs for the fall season and mega craft fest. This adorable dress is one of many new creations that will grace my booth at the fair.

Made of lightweight cotton that was salvaged from a men’s t-shirt – this dress has a feminine lace and embroidery floss embellishment across the front. I especially enjoy the contrast between the softness of the cotton and the elegance of the vintage fabric. Continue reading

Summer is Here!

Today is the full-out first official weekend of summer!

My plan for the day? To celebrate in as many ways as possible! I’ve already started by visiting the first Edgewater Farmer’s Market day where I sucked down delicious iced coffee from Kitchen Sink, picked up fingerling potatoes, cremini mushrooms and real¬†strawberries from local vendors. Then David and I migrated to the secret neighborhood garden with Peanut & Butter where we noshed on a fresh piece of moist blueberry coffee cake – a perfect start to the day. As we plan our beach outing and visit to the new custard stand Lickety Split, I’m also plotting which of my newest designs I will be sporting on this beautiful sunny morning.

How will you be celebrating your first summer weekend? What will you be wearing?

Renegade Prep #4: Down to the Wire

Just 3 full days until the Renegade blast off! We’re almost done with preparations and are just putting the finishing touches on merchandising and signage when BHAM! A new product idea hits me! Inspiration always flourishes under pressure – does it not?

So now I’m debating whether I should give this new design a couple of go’s and make a handful for the fair? Or should I just focus on making extra designs that are tried, tested, and true?

The solution – do both or die trying! David’s screenprinting one final round of clothing tags as I type and print out a few more signs. I’m hoping that tomorrow, post ACS productivity, I’ll find some time to finalize some products that are in process and then maybe I’ll have a spare hour or two to pump these new T Aprons out.

I’ll report back at the end of tomorrow to see what came of the day. ; )