Renegade Prep #4: Down to the Wire

Just 3 full days until the Renegade blast off! We’re almost done with preparations and are just putting the finishing touches on merchandising and signage when BHAM! A new product idea hits me! Inspiration always flourishes under pressure – does it not?

So now I’m debating whether I should give this new design a couple of go’s and make a handful for the fair? Or should I just focus on making extra designs that are tried, tested, and true?

The solution – do both or die trying! David’s screenprinting one final round of clothing tags as I type and print out a few more signs. I’m hoping that tomorrow, post ACS productivity, I’ll find some time to finalize some products that are in process and then maybe I’ll have a spare hour or two to pump these new T Aprons out.

I’ll report back at the end of tomorrow to see what came of the day. ; )


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