Rocking NYE Naturally: Makeup Tips

Last week I made a sweeping change to my daily makeup routine and ditched all of the harsh chemically products that were in my rather large stash.

I tossed about five pounds of designer and el cheapo eyeliners, blush, shadows, lip sticks, glosses, primers, and more! It was part of my yearly pre-New Years purge. Websites like the Cosmetics Safety Database convinced me that no look is worth the mercury infused mascara or phthalate laced cheek glow.

With this in mind, I wanted to share how us super eco-divas can still rock an edgy look using natural, safe, and earth friendly products. Some of my favorite items include a hemp based line of staining lip balms by Colorganics that can be purchased at most Whole Foods, the entire line of cosmetics by Greek skincare company Korres, and the ever cute and increasingly natural brand Tarte.

The following tutorial uses a mix of the above brands to create a vintage-inspired party look for New Year’s Eve. I hope it gives you some food for thought for 2011 and beyond. Continue reading


The DIY Trunk Show Preview













The one and only great and fantastic DIY Trunk Show is this upcoming weekend – on Saturday, November 20th from 10am to 5pm in Wicker Park’s Pulaski Field House. Pierogi Picnic will be there – in the same spot as last year – hawking our wears. Though I’m always excited about showcasing my work in person – this is the show where I shop till I drop. Everything from Christmas presents, to housewares, to clothes – the DIY Trunk Show is the whamy of craft fairs.

The secret to the Chicago Craft Mafia’s bazaar’s success lies in one of the underlying premises – all vendors must live within a 100 mile radius of the city. So not only are you buying handmade – you’re truly supporting local artisans! So be sure to pencil in this coming Saturday into your calendar as the day you shop till you drop. Until then – here’s a sneak peak at some of the new goodies I’ll be bringing.

50/50 The Blurring of Art & Craft – this weekend!

Pierogi Picnic will be hawking our wares alongside 14 other incredible indie artists local to Chicago in the “50/50 The Blurring of Art & Craft” show. Come out on Friday for the neighborhood’s monthly First Fridays gallery walk and swing by our show to say ‘hi.’  David is running our nook solo that night so if you come out shower him with some extra love. The show takes place 6-10pm Friday, and 12-7pm Saturday and Sunday. Food, baked goods, music, and amazing handmade goodies and art will be there – and so should you!

What: 50/50 “The Blurring of Art & Craft”

When: October 1st 6-10pm; October 2nd & 3rd 12-7pm

Where: Chicago Arts District Exhibition Gallery 1915 South Halsted Ave.


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Rockin’ Renegade 2010

The weekend is over and all of our preparations culminated in the excitement of the last two days! Saturday met us with a chilly and wet beginning. We packed up the car in our pajamas trying to beat the rain. Once we had things lock, stock, and barrel, we slowed down for a simple breakfast and game plan breakdown. It would be wet, we’d be setting up in the cold rain, and we’d have Peanut, our super sweet BT Frenchie mix along for the first half of the day.

Despite the hazy and chilly start to our day – Saturday turned out to be a wonderful day! Once the raindrops stopped we pulled down our tent walls to let some air flow through. We had done minor merchandising for fear of dampening – but once the sun was out we pulled out all the stops! Racks came out into the street, our lil’ vintage bench hit the curb, and an alluring accessories table was placed to peak out of the tent ‘just so.’ Peanut was also quite the attraction – luring visitors into our booth with his sleepy gaze and inviting grin. Continue reading