Inspiration: A New Leaf

There are few spaces in the city where I can instantly find inspiration – and A New Leaf is one of them. A stunning flower shop in the heart of Lincoln Park, this boutique and event space is like a treasure hunters dream. Nestled in a quiet block, the unassuming exterior would lead you to believe that it’s not much more than a place to pick up a bouquet of roses. But once inside you realize you’ve stumbled upon a tiny piece of heaven. 

Rustic wood, found objects, exotic flowers and handmade artifacts line foot after foot of vertical and horizontal space. The air smells fresher and sweeter than the conservatory down the street. Descending down a flight of stairs you are transported to an underground trove of waxen hand dipped candles, vintage buttons and spool after spool of ribbon embellishments.

At this point you think you’re done – but there’s more.

Through a pair of back doors you slide into an outdoor garden, dripping with plants, benches and tables on which to sit and muse. Even further back is a dilapidated building filled with relics of the past. From old wagon wheels and collector rocks to mosaic tiles and other knick knacks for purchase.

Whether you’re looking for items to buy or a mega dose of inspiration – next time your in the Lincoln Park neighborhood be sure to pay this gem a visit. You won’t be sorry that you did.

Is there a space in Chicago, or in your home town, where you go to be inspired and re-infused? If so – tell us about it in the comments below!


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