New Designs: Upcycled Aprons

One of my signature looks for craft fairs includes my uber feminine, totally utilitarian, aprons. Perfect for stashing petty change, receipts, pens, and other essentials, my “fartuszki” as they’re called in Polish, make me an efficient salesperson in stylish disguise!

Something that I’ve resisted doing for some time now was making these chic smocks for sale. But after the most recent Renegade Craft Fair, where I was asked again and again about my apron, I broke down and finally made a prototype. Using two vintage pillowcases, I cut andĀ ruchedĀ one into the apron’s base, and used the second’s unusual flower print as an applique and pocket.

The result is better than I imagined! So now every hostess, baker, layer lover and crafter can also revel in sweet and simple apron joy.


Renegade Prep #4: Down to the Wire

Just 3 full days until the Renegade blast off! We’re almost done with preparations and are just putting the finishing touches on merchandising and signage when BHAM! A new product idea hits me! Inspiration always flourishes under pressure – does it not?

So now I’m debating whether I should give this new design a couple of go’s and make a handful for the fair? Or should I just focus on making extra designs that are tried, tested, and true?

The solution – do both or die trying! David’s screenprinting one final round of clothing tags as I type and print out a few more signs. I’m hoping that tomorrow, post ACS productivity, I’ll find some time to finalize some products that are in process and then maybe I’ll have a spare hour or two to pump these new T Aprons out.

I’ll report back at the end of tomorrow to see what came of the day. ; )