Designs: New Swim


The moment we’ve all been waiting for – the 2013 Pierogi Picnic swim line is here!

Building from classics like the Green Girl, Blossom and Beach Bum designs, these new vintage-inspired suits are made custom for the buyer out of repurposed t-shirt cotton, making them as eco-friendly as they are chic and comfy! Each suit is hand-cut for the unique shape of the customer and also includes a stretchy swim lining, which helps dry time as well as shaping. Continue reading

An Indie Biz: Experimentation Elation

PIerogi Picnic: Handmade Eco-Friendly Clothing Design

Ooh – how I love playing around with new designs and processes! It’s one of the perks of owning your own handmade business, after all!

Inspired by the impending summer, I have been playing around with new swimsuit designs, vintage denim, loose fitting tunic dresses and airy almost scandalous office-bound  frocks. Whether it’s toying with new techniques, colors, textures or shapes, it’s the freedom to create-at-will that makes process such a delight. And boy have I been having fun!

So in the next few weeks prepare yourself for a cacophony of different designs. Though they may not seem to be united in exact aesthetics, I think you’ll find that the overall retro-inspired, breathy eco pieces will also make you think about doing a little more experimenting.

Pierogi Picnic: Handmade Revamped Vintage


Pierogi Picnic: Upcycled Denim

Designs: Awesome Aqua

Pierogi Picnic: Spring + Summer 2013 handmade eco clothing aqua theme

I had quite the night Wednesday as I hosted a Pierogi Picnic photo shoot for the Spring + Summer 2013 collection!

Somewhat overdue, three beautiful ladies braved the cold to come out and dress up in my latest creations. With a click here and a pop there – we flew through over 30 outfits in just over an hour!

As I sit later in the night reviewing the 300+ photos we had snapped – I noticed a theme: aqua. Lots and lots of aqua! It’s funny how certain colors become prevalent with or without intention. I had planned to focus the next few month’s worth of pieces on blacks, whites, mints and pops of red. That was the idea at least! So it’s fun to see where my sub-conscious creativity really leads – and in this case – it’s to the most wonderful of bluish-green hues. 

For a sneak peek at our shoot – check out the Facebook album here