An Indie Biz: Experimentation Elation

PIerogi Picnic: Handmade Eco-Friendly Clothing Design

Ooh – how I love playing around with new designs and processes! It’s one of the perks of owning your own handmade business, after all!

Inspired by the impending summer, I have been playing around with new swimsuit designs, vintage denim, loose fitting tunic dresses and airy almost scandalous office-bound  frocks. Whether it’s toying with new techniques, colors, textures or shapes, it’s the freedom to create-at-will that makes process such a delight. And boy have I been having fun!

So in the next few weeks prepare yourself for a cacophony of different designs. Though they may not seem to be united in exact aesthetics, I think you’ll find that the overall retro-inspired, breathy eco pieces will also make you think about doing a little more experimenting.

Pierogi Picnic: Handmade Revamped Vintage


Pierogi Picnic: Upcycled Denim

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