Greening Martha: Here We Go!

Ms. Martha as a young model

Psst…I have a secret crush. Try to guess who it is. I’ll give you some hints: queen of craft, high-quality photos, website, magazine, empire. Any ideas yet? If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about the woman of DIY: Marta Stewart. Whether it’s stalking her latest stencil exploits or marveling at her team’s brilliant tutorials – this lady has got the world of crafts cornered just the way she likes it.

Whether you’re a fan, hater or somewhere in between, there’s one thing that goes without saying: this woman has created quite the following. Using her magazine, t.v., and website, she paved the way for mainstream crafting of all creeds and kinds. This wonder woman has Polish roots (sound familiar?) and isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get hands-on. My kind of lady indeed! If you haven’t paid her much mind because of all the hoopla from the past couple decades, you may want to revisit this lady of craft. You may be surprised by what you find!

One of my favorite Martha resources is her tried-and-tested collection of recipes. Having recently released her first vegetarian cook book (I know – can you believe it?!) the Ms. is really cornering not just the decor and hostess markets, she’s also got some whole living tricks up her sleeve. Which means that she’s all the more lovable in my book!

In ode to the woman who made do-it-yourself front and center in pop culture – I’m creating a new section to the Pierogi Picnic site that I’m dubbing “Greening Martha.” These posts will take everything from her recipes and crafts (many of which are already uber-eco-friendly) and boosting their ethical cred a notch.

Tune in later this week for my first installment of Martha Stewart with a twist. I’ll be bringing you a cozy comfort food recipe that will have you smiling and salivating!


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