Meet the Models: Nahrain

Meet the Models: Nahrain

A spirited first-generation Assyrian, Nahrain is a woman who’s laughter is not only contagious, but fills up a room with light! Having met while taking a financial management class at Harvest, Nahrain and I instantly hit things off and I knew I’d have to recruit her as a Pierogi Picnic model.

When Nahrain’s not busy spending time with her hubby (also a PP model!) and their friends, or working at her local non-profit,  you can find her cuddled up with a good book and a steamy cup of coffee. An extroverted introvert, Nahrain says that many people are surprised to find out she’s actually on the shy side (fooled us!).

A couple of other things people may not know about this ethnic beauty:

  • She is absolutely terrified of being underwater.
  • Has a tradition of going on an adventure each November to celebrate her birthday.
  • Is passionate about learning to play the drums (though she doesn’t read sheet music).
  • Absolutely adores green peppers!

This spirited little lady is an absolute natural in front of the camera lens – which is why you’ll be seeing her time and time again in our photo lineup! We’re glad to count Nahrain as one of our Pierogi Picnic own!


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