Meet the Models: Nahrain

Meet the Models: Nahrain

A spirited first-generation Assyrian, Nahrain is a woman who’s laughter is not only contagious, but fills up a room with light! Having met while taking a financial management class at Harvest, Nahrain and I instantly hit things off and I knew I’d have to recruit her as a Pierogi Picnic model.

When Nahrain’s not busy spending time with her hubby (also a PP model!) and their friends, or working at her local non-profit,  you can find her cuddled up with a good book and a steamy cup of coffee. An extroverted introvert, Nahrain says that many people are surprised to find out she’s actually on the shy side (fooled us!).

A couple of other things people may not know about this ethnic beauty:

  • She is absolutely terrified of being underwater.
  • Has a tradition of going on an adventure each November to celebrate her birthday.
  • Is passionate about learning to play the drums (though she doesn’t read sheet music).
  • Absolutely adores green peppers!

This spirited little lady is an absolute natural in front of the camera lens – which is why you’ll be seeing her time and time again in our photo lineup! We’re glad to count Nahrain as one of our Pierogi Picnic own!

Meet the Models: Charlene

Pierogi Picnic: Meet the Models - Charlene

Charlene is a woman near and dear to my heart. A fellow entrepreneur and first-generation American, this vivacious and effervescent spirit glows from the inside out. Whether she’s out playing basketball at the park or volunteering at the local food pantry, Charlene’s an active part of both the American and Assyrian communities. But that’s not all that sets her apart.

In the fall of 2010 her world was shaken when her, then fiance, canceled their big day – suddenly and without warning – just three weeks shy of the occasion. Rather than succumbing to the shock of the breakup, Charlene turned her focus outwardly to help other women in similar situations.

“After not being able to find helpful resources online I decided to start an online network to help others who had a similar experience.” Launching “My Wedding Got Cancelled,” Charlene created a virtual community that connected current and ex-brides with one another’s stories and goods – providing both sides a chance to connect.

The website and network provide:

  • Professional licensed marriage and family councilors to assist in break-up coping.
  • A personal page for each person to share their story, make friends, and seek help.
  • Each member with an option of opening their own online store where they can sell their unused wedding and engagement materials.
When Charlene’s not busy building her business or spending time in the community – you can find her deepening her faith and playing the Viola. When asked which vegetable she would be if given the choice, Charlene replies “potato because you can do so much with them.” What a fitting choice considering her own resilience, resourcefulness and fortitude. Go Charlene!