Meet the Models: Nahrain

Meet the Models: Nahrain

A spirited first-generation Assyrian, Nahrain is a woman who’s laughter is not only contagious, but fills up a room with light! Having met while taking a financial management class at Harvest, Nahrain and I instantly hit things off and I knew I’d have to recruit her as a Pierogi Picnic model.

When Nahrain’s not busy spending time with her hubby (also a PP model!) and their friends, or working at her local non-profit,  you can find her cuddled up with a good book and a steamy cup of coffee. An extroverted introvert, Nahrain says that many people are surprised to find out she’s actually on the shy side (fooled us!).

A couple of other things people may not know about this ethnic beauty:

  • She is absolutely terrified of being underwater.
  • Has a tradition of going on an adventure each November to celebrate her birthday.
  • Is passionate about learning to play the drums (though she doesn’t read sheet music).
  • Absolutely adores green peppers!

This spirited little lady is an absolute natural in front of the camera lens – which is why you’ll be seeing her time and time again in our photo lineup! We’re glad to count Nahrain as one of our Pierogi Picnic own!


About: What’s in a Model?

Pierogi Picnic: Everyday Models

I’ll never forget the scene. It was 2011 and Pierogi Picnic was really up and kickin’. I was in the midst of preparing for a huge show, had lots of orders coming in off of Etsy, and press to match. And then that phone call came. The one that you never think will really happen to you – it’s just something you read off some crafter-gone-pro’s website.

But then it happens. You’re invited to participate in a huge, whirlwind, opportunity-of-your-dreams. There will be press, runways, news cams, hundreds of thousands of people, a stage and more.

The business manager in you kicks in and you ask the big questions. And you get the answers.

So what does a gal like me do in this situation? I decline. Continue reading

Meet the Models: Diane Maxine

PIerogi Picnic: Handmade vintage sweater and upcycled hi low t-shirt top

When looking to recruit models for my Pierogi Picnic shoots there’s one thing that always gets my attention: enthusiasm. Whether a passion for their work, life or just a general glee-fulness of spirit, the people you’ll find showing off my designs have a charisma that’s unique and all their own.

Diane Maxine is one such vivacious spirit.  A talented musician, she plays the bass in our church’s worship team, which is how the two of us initially met. When she’s not bopping away and plucking her bass strings, Maxine loves to bake and watch the noshers faces light up after tasting her yummy creations.

What I enjoyed most about taking Maxine’s pictures was her easy-going attitude and big beautiful smile. Her last name actually means ‘happy’ – which is why you’ll see her always flashing her bright whites. With this kind of charm both inside and out – it’s no wonder she turned out so stunning in each shot.