An Indie Biz: Fabric Scraps

One day I may be given the title of ‘hoarder.’ Not of animals or tasty gourmet cookies – but fabric scraps. I can never muster the courage to throw away a pile, let alone one piece, of usable textile. But alas – my apartment space is coveted by furniture, pets and a spouse, so rationale states that only objects for immediate use can forgo becoming refuse.

But in the past month I started a secret stash of scraps, knowing that I’d find some way to use them for the upcoming event season. And use them I have! Whether being transformed into fabric streamers of color or being used for making pieces for ombre DIY bracelets, these bits of material in varying hues are being used to the max!

I’ll be sure to post photos of them in action post-Renegade. But if you’re in Chicago this weekend, swing by my booth to see how this kind of hoarding can actually be beneficial in the end.


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