Inspiration: When life gives you lemons

I had an interesting thought inspired by a recent event in our home. Since moving we haven’t had a lot of time to introduce plants into the new place. On my way to work one morning I bought a bouquet of flowers (which I rarely do – so sad to see them wilt!) and placed a few of the stems in my office and brought the remainder home.

At his first unsupervised opportunity, my beloved Butter pillaged the bouquet, decapitating most of the blooms, pulling out their petals one by one. I was bummed by the carnage. But rather than scolding the lil’ fellow I scooped up the remaining flower bits and created a tiny floating display, which is the pic above.

Looking at the remaining flowers floating in their dish made me think about my own current predicament.

Today I started a week-long doctor-ordered bed-rest for an inflammation of my bursa. Rather than lamenting on my misfortune I’m taking the same approach as I did with the flowers – make the most of it. I’m using my ‘house arrest’ to catch up on emails, update the Pierogi Picnic website, plan future projects and more.

I also thought it may serve as an inspiration for others to document my mini journey. Unless anyone objects, I will be keeping you looped-in on my household adventures via this blog. From embroidery projects to my latest read – it will be a way for me to stay connected while keeping myself from going stir-crazy.

So please forgive me in advance if these next few days are filled with documentation of the mundane. But it really is those little things in life that we should treasure most anyway.


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