Bed Rest: Day One

I survived my first day of bed rest! Though around 5pm I was sure I was a gone-er. I had spent way more time on the computer than I had intended which made my eyes almost bug out permanently. Today I took a different approach and relaxed more, took photos of my bedroom and cuddled with the pets.

David was home this morning too – working on a new painting and practicing for his upcoming show this Sunday. The company helped tons!

But back to yesterday, as I’ll post my photos from this morning tomorrow. Despite being glued to the screen I did accomplish much!
Not only did I update the entire home page of the Pierogi Picnic website, I also created a new Etsy banner and other accompanying graphics and I love the result! The look is cleaner and more professional. I incorporated a high contrast image of a doily and then layered it with some geometric arrow graphics in varying tints of teal. I decided to keep one model photo on the backsplash. The one I chose was of Chella giving a whole hearted laugh. It completely embodies the mood of my new designs and the joys of the warmer season. Expect to see more updates to the site later today.


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