Bed Rest: Day Two

Yesterday was an easier day – I spent less time online and more of it reading, drawing and occupying my thoughts with ideas for future designs.

Today I will admit I am suffering a bit – but not because of the injury. It’s seventy degrees outside, sunny and a Friday! If it were any other week I’d be at work for a couple more hours, would head home and then take the dogs to the beach. Then, I’d take a leisurely bike ride with David to the nearest cupcake shop for treats and coffee. Sigh. Maybe he’ll surprise me with one later today.

Despite the beautifully tempting weather I am once again using my time well. I’m catching up on Etsy lab videos and learning tons! I’ve taken copious notes and will be sharing the nuggets of wisdom later this month. I’m also at the final phase of updating the website. The custom page is outlined and only needs filling – and the wholesale sheet needs an update. After that I’ll get back to some reading and maybe some embroidery work.

But at least I have two down and only five more to go!


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