Bed Rest: Days Three & Four

Yesterday was the third day of my house arrest and I hit a wall. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I couldn’t get my mind off of being out and about in the park with the dogs. But I held myself back – knowing that if I didn’t take the time to get better now the potential for recovery would really decline.

So I moved my rest area to the sun room and spent some time reading, finishing up the ‘custom’ page of the website and working on some embroidery. David surprised me when he got home with a vanilla/vanilla cupcake from my all-time favorite bakery, Magnolia. It was a bit banged up from his bike ride but that made me appreciate his thoughtfulness even more.

Today shaped up to be much much better.

I’m feeling less pain which means things are slowly healing. My small group leader, Bernice, paid me a visit with some delicious Indian food in hand. Yum! My mom also swung by before heading home to finish packing. Her and my dad are flying out to Poland tonight. She came through weighed down with flowers and a bag full of healthy snacks and fruit. She’s the best.

I’m about to start-up some board games with David while sipping a homemade vanilla latte. It seems like the perfect wind down for a restful Saturday afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Bed Rest: Days Three & Four

  1. Christine Rice says:

    REALLY love the new look of the website! Fresh, and uplifting! 🙂 That’s going to turn out cute, when you’re done! Your husband is super for thinking of you with that cute cupcake! 🙂

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