An Indie Biz: Fabric Scraps

One day I may be given the title of ‘hoarder.’ Not of animals or tasty gourmet cookies – but fabric scraps. I can never muster the courage to throw away a pile, let alone one piece, of usable textile. But alas – my apartment space is coveted by furniture, pets and a spouse, so rationale states that only objects for immediate use can forgo becoming refuse.

But in the past month I started a secret stash of scraps, knowing that I’d find some way to use them for the upcoming event season. Continue reading

Events: Renegade Sneak Peak

I always promise myself to stick to what I know in the weeks leading up to big events like Renegade – but then inspiration hits – and I can’t stop myself from making something brand spanking new!┬áThis past week alone I’ve made at least four new creations that I’ll be debuting this Saturday.

One is the “Bow Peep” belt which I hand-crafted using fabric scraps, unbleached elastic and a hook clasp. I made something similar a month back using t-shirt remnants, but this morning I gave the design a twist by making the bow out of a different cotton fabric. The result is better than I anticipated! I love how the solid color of the belt brings out the geometric chevron print of the bow. A job well done (if I’m allowed to say so!).

I’ll be making a bunch more of these for this round of Renegade. If you’re in Chicago – be sure to swing by my booth (#48) to see them in person!