Living Green: Chicago Uniform Project

I had the joy and pleasure of dolling up Sarah Louise Braunstein and taking her photos for the Chicago Uniform Project yesterday. Much like the original that inspired her venture, Sarah has taken the challenge of wearing the same item of clothing daily to a new creative level.

Rather then dressing herself, as did Shenna Matheiken, Sarah has asked local designers, boutique owners and stylists to create her looks. Each day she uploads a new photo of herself in a curated outfit, with many of the designers donating the items for an online auction. All the proceeds from the project are being donated to  Connections for Abused Women and their Children, a Chicago-based foundation committed to ending domestic violence.

What I love about Sarah’s spin on the idea is that she’s making an impact three fold: Raising funds for CAWC, forcing introspection on consumerism and fast fashion while also highlighting the many creative talents in Chicago.

In my shoot for the project I used a couple of vintage pieces and two new Pierogi Picnic designs. A gorgeous floral locket gave Sarah’s look a sweet edge, while the Revamped Vintage Petticoat gave her a billowing bustle under her dress. To add some color I created the Pleated Boyfriend Cardigan in eggplant and cinched it with a folksy vintage belt.  To take a peek at the completed Pierogi Picnic look which we shot at the Edgewater Farmer’s Market click here.


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