Press: A Sustainable take on Swift

lisa heinze feature

Did you know that Taylor Swift is on the list of performing artists who have had the largest quantity of Billboard chart topping hits?! I was surprised too!

I recently made this discovery while competing in a trivia night contest in Lincoln Park. Apparently Taylor Swift is rocking things more than I realized (I’m an eighties and nineties enthusiast – so how would I know?). Swift shares this magical status right alongside legendary performers like the Beatles, Prince and Michael Jackson. So imagine my duel surprise when I found that sustainable blogger Lisa Heinze featured Pierogi Picnic in an article on how to get Taylor Swift’s look using eco-friendly fashions. Talk about serendipitous!

Lisa compiled her collection using brands committed to earth-friendly fabrics and practices, creating a smorgasbord of sweet outfit options for Taylor Swift fans. What a great way to show young women how to look trendy while remaining socially conscious!

Read Lisa’s full list of Swift-stylizing tips here. To order a custom “Stripes & Sun” bathing suit, like the one featured, click here.


Press: Etsy Blog “Dressing Up…”

Etsy Blog: Dressing Up For a Night out

Imagine my surprise when a friend sent me this link via Facebook Wednesday. “Wow!” Was all I could say! It’s always fun when a feature like this pops up out of nowhere!

A lovely curated list of snazzy outfits and accessories, the “Dressing Up for a Night Out” couldn’t come at a better time. With people choosing and picking outfits for Christmas, holiday parties and New Year’s Eve, the extra press is much appreciated.

View the full Etsy blog post here – and start planning your fancy shmancy get-up today!

Press: Handmade Men

You know it’s truly autumn when all your cool weather items are the hit at every event and are being featured on blogs and treasuries. The latest (and I think greatest) of my designs is currently highlighted on the fantastic site “Handmade Men” which sets to bring the handmade lifestyle to online shoppers.

In a feature entitled “Hot Picks! Handmade Hoodies” they included my “Sir Cycle” upcycled cowl hoodie. This is a piece that I handcrafted for a customer’s boyfriend last winter, and it’s since become one of my all-time favorite designs. So I was thrilled that the creation made it into this style savvy site. Be sure to take some time to explore the entire site for more chic and casual handmade creations.