Press: A Sustainable take on Swift

lisa heinze feature

Did you know that Taylor Swift is on the list of performing artists who have had the largest quantity of Billboard chart topping hits?! I was surprised too!

I recently made this discovery while competing in a trivia night contest in Lincoln Park. Apparently Taylor Swift is rocking things more than I realized (I’m an eighties and nineties enthusiast – so how would I know?). Swift shares this magical status right alongside legendary performers like the Beatles, Prince and Michael Jackson. So imagine my duel surprise when I found that sustainable blogger Lisa Heinze featured Pierogi Picnic in an article on how to get Taylor Swift’s look using eco-friendly fashions. Talk about serendipitous!

Lisa compiled her collection using brands committed to earth-friendly fabrics and practices, creating a smorgasbord of sweet outfit options for Taylor Swift fans. What a great way to show young women how to look trendy while remaining socially conscious!

Read Lisa’s full list of Swift-stylizing tips here. To order a custom “Stripes & Sun” bathing suit, like the one featured, click here.


Styling: Mustard Seed Miracles

So it seems pretty obvious that I have developed a recent obsession with the color yellow. Within the past 2 months I have purchased, made, featured, or photographed at least 20 different things in the hue’s range.

With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that in this “Styling” the main attraction is a warm fuzzy mustard cardigan. This cozy sweater was my favorite find of autumn – discovered while doing a fabric run at a local thrift shop – the saturated color and high quality tailoring forced me to pop it in my cart. Combined with the ever-modern stripes of an old school Old Navy dress, grey leggings, sequined gold peter pan collar necklace, and black vintage boots, this is one of those ensembles I can see myself wearing for years to come!

Styling: The French Sailor

Welcome to my latest series – “Styling!” I will be sharing favorite outfits of the month, complete with notes on everything from inspiration to wardrobe details. In this first feature, what I’ve dubbed “The French Sailor,” I’ve combined a stretchy striped top that I scored from Crossroads with a thrifted skirt that I took in so it can sit high on my waist. The sweater tights, whose rainbow colored lint don’t come across in the pics, are a new favorite of mine from Target. The vintage taupe boots I purchased from Etsy and the navy stud earrings were a gift for the holidays. My favorite details? By far the scalloped under-layer of the skirt, vegan skinny belt and the beaded soft pink applique across the top of the shirt.

Living Green: Chicago Uniform Project

I had the joy and pleasure of dolling up Sarah Louise Braunstein and taking her photos for the Chicago Uniform Project yesterday. Much like the original that inspired her venture, Sarah has taken the challenge of wearing the same item of clothing daily to a new creative level.

Rather then dressing herself, as did Shenna Matheiken, Sarah has asked local designers, boutique owners and stylists to create her looks. Each day she uploads a new photo of herself in a curated outfit, with many of the designers donating the items for an online auction. All the proceeds from the project are being donated to  Connections for Abused Women and their Children, a Chicago-based foundation committed to ending domestic violence. Continue reading