Events: Shopping Mission Accomplished!

I’m still basking in the joy of this past weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair. Being among such driven and talented vendors is inspiring and encouraging. It gives one a sense of camaraderie and shows that the craft revolution is still going strong despite the failing economy.

The wares of the crafters were incredible this year. Each way I turned I found yet another unique handmade creation that I could barely contain myself from snatching up. The following is a peek at the damage I did do. I anticipate that more will follow once I start my holiday shopping two months forth.

Stunning handmade necklaces from Wanderlustings

Catwheel Tank Top by Megan Lee Designs

DIY Terrarium from Twig

Delicious Honey Soap by Rinse

Folkish Dress & T-shirt by Maryink

Men’s Recycled Hoodie by Holly Hue 

What did you scoop up at the fair? Let me know by commenting below!

Catwheel Tank by Megan Lee Designs

Heart & Pyrite Necklace by Wanderlustings

DIY Terrarium by Twig

Birch Earrings by Bettula


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