An Indie Biz: Pierogi Picnic Lookbook

Pierogi Picnic: Handmade eco-friendly feminine fashions

It’s been almost two months since we began the journey of creating the first-ever Pierogi Picnic lookbook – and I am so so so┬ávery excited to report that all the hard work has paid off! And with this being the month we celebrate my business’s five year anniversary – it seems fitting to reveal this beautiful creation during this celebratory time.

So without further ado – may I present to you – the virtual version of the 2013-2014 Pierogi Picnic Lookbook!

Special heartfelt thanks go out to the beautiful people who helped make this project a reality. This includes models Allysa, Diane Maxine, Chella, Charlene, David, Nahrain, and Osafta. The styling of the shoot would not be possible without the help of Shannon and Percis.

And, of course, all hats are off to the visually captivating images which were created by Jill Hornok, of Pala Photography.

Thank you all for putting your all into this project on my behalf! I am eternally grateful!!!

Pierogi Picnic 2013 Lookbook