An Indie Biz: Enjoying Event Prep

Pierogi Picnic & Wanderlustings: Upcycled Event Signage photo and frame

One of the most exciting things about planning for events is merchandising! Concocting fun, engaging and bold displays is truly the icing on the cake. Designing the signs, choosing a layout and developing a theme – it’s my favorite part of prep.

Pierogi Picnic: Gold Glitter SignHaving someone with which to share the experience makes planning even more of a blast! Collaborating with Caitlin Peters of Wanderlustings again has allowed us to dream up a whole new look for our conjoined event booth. Not only does her beautiful brain power inspire the look of our nook, it also propels the ‘fun factor’ of prep to a whole new level! Continue reading

An Indie Biz: Clothing Racks by Dad

My dad is not only “the most interesting pastor at Harvest,” he’s also an incredible man with an even more incredible life story. Whether it was beating the odds as an orphan growing up in communist Poland, gracing hundreds of stages across Europe as a seventies musical icon, becoming an ex-patriot after moving to the U.S. or surviving his many brushes with death (we’re talking stepping on a bear, navigating a sailboat through a storm in the Bermuda triangle, sleeping through a twister, etc., etc. ), my ‘tata’ has amassed quite the encyclopedia of adventures through his sixty-six years on Earth. Continue reading

An Indie Biz: Sign Language

In preparation for Renegade I decided to take up the cause of making a new set of signs for the booth. One of the reasons I wanted to recreate things was to accommodate my booth mate so my original banner was not hogging all the space. So this year we’re both using the same materials to create horizontal and vertical signs to hang on the interior and exterior of our boothtique (you like the new term?!).

Continue reading