An Indie Biz: Clothing Racks by Dad

My dad is not only “the most interesting pastor at Harvest,” he’s also an incredible man with an even more incredible life story. Whether it was beating the odds as an orphan growing up in communist Poland, gracing hundreds of stages across Europe as a seventies musical icon, becoming an ex-patriot after moving to the U.S. or surviving his many brushes with death (we’re talking stepping on a bear, navigating a sailboat through a storm in the Bermuda triangle, sleeping through a twister, etc., etc. ), my ‘tata’ has amassed quite the encyclopedia of adventures through his sixty-six years on Earth.

Beyond being an inspiration to me and everyone who knows him, my dad is also my ‘go-to-guy’ whenever I need something engineered or jerry-rigged. All those years building his own gliders, furnishings and tools has given him a breadth of knowledge in making things – big and small. Maybe that’s how I was bit by the ‘jane of all trades’ bug in the first-place.

So when conceiving a new plan for displaying my wares at upcoming fairs – I knew I’d have to tap into my dad’s brain for some tips, ideas and gusto. We planned and planned for weeks and this past Saturday gave his idea a go. Using four six foot wooden poles, we created a simple and modern clothing rack. We still have some tweaking to do and at least one more to build – but the experiment turned out better than I imagined!  I’m excited to polish the design up and give it a few contrived splashes of neon paint. Thanks to dear-old-dad’s knack for making things from scratch – it looks like I’ll have a beautiful set of handmade clothing racks for my upcoming shows.  Looking for a sneak peek? Check back in August for photos of the racks in action.

Thanks again to my dad! Dzięki tatuś!


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