An Indie Biz: Sign Language

In preparation for Renegade I decided to take up the cause of making a new set of signs for the booth. One of the reasons I wanted to recreate things was to accommodate my booth mate so my original banner was not hogging all the space. So this year we’re both using the same materials to create horizontal and vertical signs to hang on the interior and exterior of our boothtique (you like the new term?!).

For the horizontal sign I did my best to imitate the Rockwell font that I use throughout my site. This was easier said then done. After multiple pencil sketches and meticulous measurement I finally created a draft that I later painted in with white and teal paint. I also included a simple white scalloped edge on the top and bottom to give it a bit of whimsy. Then – in true Pierogi Picnic fashion – I affixed hand cut wooden clouds to hang from the bottom.

Now all I have left to do is make the vertical sign that will jut out from the side of the tent. I have a first draft of one side finished – but will still need to duplicate the efforts and the flip. I’ll be sure to post pics of both signs in action at the fair once it’s over.


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