Inspiration: DIY Decor

With my brain consumed with Renegade prep, I have started a board on Pinterest with fun decor ideas for my booth. There are so many ways to liven up a tiny space – that I’m somewhat overwhelmed by the possibilities!

Take a peek at my board here and let me know which of the pins catch your eye the most. You can play a part in sculpting my space while pulling me out of this indecisive rut!

An Indie Biz: Exciting News

It’s been an incredible week! I’ve got lots of positive things happening at my day job at the humane society, a potential trip to Eastern Europe in the works, a vocal audition next Friday and a family filled weekend just ahead. Pierogi Picnic has also been bustling with custom orders waiting to be made, shipments to be mailed and new designs to be created. As you can imagine – I’m beaming with joy with all the great things that are going on.

But then there’s another piece of news that has me bursting at the seams. I wanted to blurt it out when I found out yesterday – but thought a blog post would be more appropriate. So without further ado, here it is: Continue reading

An Indie Biz: Sign Language

In preparation for Renegade I decided to take up the cause of making a new set of signs for the booth. One of the reasons I wanted to recreate things was to accommodate my booth mate so my original banner was not hogging all the space. So this year we’re both using the same materials to create horizontal and vertical signs to hang on the interior and exterior of our boothtique (you like the new term?!).

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Renegade Prep #3: Picture Frame Signage

One of the best parts about doing Renegade and other outdoor fests is dreaming up displays. Last year I had lots of color and the original blue and green backdrop at the back of the tent. This year I’m keeping to the same themes but changing the color palette. The backdrop will now be the new gray and white combo that I use in my photos and that will reflect in other decor as well – including my signs.

Last year I hadn’t thought the signage through as much as I would have liked – but in my own defense I only had about two weeks to prepare.┬áThis time around everything is different. I have not been sewing in the month of August purposefully so as to focus on the ‘look’ of my booth. Continue reading