An Indie Biz: Enjoying Event Prep

Pierogi Picnic & Wanderlustings: Upcycled Event Signage photo and frame

One of the most exciting things about planning for events is merchandising! Concocting fun, engaging and bold displays is truly the icing on the cake. Designing the signs, choosing a layout and developing a theme – it’s my favorite part of prep.

Pierogi Picnic: Gold Glitter SignHaving someone with which to share the experience makes planning even more of a blast! Collaborating with Caitlin Peters of Wanderlustings again has allowed us to dream up a whole new look for our conjoined event booth. Not only does her beautiful brain power inspire the look of our nook, it also propels the ‘fun factor’ of prep to a whole new level!

Having gotten together earlier in the week for finishing touches, Caitlin and I had a jam-packed hour of crafting for this weekend’s holiday edition of the Renegade Craft Fair. Having collected an assortment of mismatched picture frames from thrift stores we were able to create a backdrop display that would show off our product photos while bringing our two unique aesthetics together. Using pre-loved cardboard and packaging materials, we also plastered sparkly glitter paper all over our displays – adding a whimsical touch to our merchandising.

Caitlin working on her sign with help from Butter and foster pup AppleGetting together  gave me a chance to really reflect on the pleasures of show prep and collaboration. What an enriching experience all around! Having someone to partner with only adds to the enjoyment. Idea drafting, supply hunting and prop creation all become a delight when you have someone with whom to share in the process.

With Renegade less than a day away, I’m taking a step back to enjoy the moment. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the fervor of merchandise creation and detail formation to the point we burst with stress. So take my advice – live in the moment and make the most out of prepping for your next event!

Pierogi Picnic: Sparkly gold glitter mannequin embellishment


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