Events: RCF Holiday Photos

pierogi picnic rcf holiday 2012

As promised – here’s a peek at the abundant and delightful chaos that was the 2012 Renegade Holiday Craft Fair in Chicago!

The crowds were bigger than ever this season, which made for a busy day! Caitlin and I were on our toes the entire weekend, greeting shoppers, answering questions and selling lots!

It was a fruitful endeavor that always leaves me feeling inspired and invigorated. I loved seeing many repeat clients come shopping through – as well as the friendly faces of fellow vendors. Whether selling, shopping or mingling, I had an absolute blast! Am I exhausted after the fact? You bet! But every ounce of energy poured into preparing and executing this fair was well worth it!!!


An Indie Biz: Enjoying Event Prep

Pierogi Picnic & Wanderlustings: Upcycled Event Signage photo and frame

One of the most exciting things about planning for events is merchandising! Concocting fun, engaging and bold displays is truly the icing on the cake. Designing the signs, choosing a layout and developing a theme – it’s my favorite part of prep.

Pierogi Picnic: Gold Glitter SignHaving someone with which to share the experience makes planning even more of a blast! Collaborating with Caitlin Peters of Wanderlustings again has allowed us to dream up a whole new look for our conjoined event booth. Not only does her beautiful brain power inspire the look of our nook, it also propels the ‘fun factor’ of prep to a whole new level! Continue reading

Rockin’ Renegade 2010

The weekend is over and all of our preparations culminated in the excitement of the┬álast two days! Saturday met us with a chilly and wet beginning. We packed up the car in our pajamas trying to beat the rain. Once we had things lock, stock, and barrel, we slowed down for a simple breakfast and game plan breakdown. It would be wet, we’d be setting up in the cold rain, and we’d have Peanut, our super sweet BT Frenchie mix along for the first half of the day.

Despite the hazy and chilly start to our day – Saturday turned out to be a wonderful day! Once the raindrops stopped we pulled down our tent walls to let some air flow through. We had done minor merchandising for fear of dampening – but once the sun was out we pulled out all the stops! Racks came out into the street, our lil’ vintage bench hit the curb, and an alluring accessories table was placed to peak out of the tent ‘just so.’ Peanut was also quite the attraction – luring visitors into our booth with his sleepy gaze and inviting grin. Continue reading