DIY: No-Sew Cut-Out Tie Top

Pierogi Picnic: DIY Upcycled cut-out tie top

I’ve been seeing these adorable tie tops all over the city, Whether paired with cut-offs or a long maxi skirt, the look has definitely caught my eye. So how could I not concoct a tutorial on how to make your very own?!

Using a pre-loved t-shirt and pair of scissors, you can easily create an airy cotton cut-out top to tie just as you see fit. And with the no-sew instructions below, making one of these cute pieces has never been easier!

Tutorial: Make your own no-sew tie top tank

1. Pick out a pre-loved cotton t-shirt that you’d like to transform.

2. Cut off both sleeves, following the original seam.

3. Fold the shirt in half.

4. Cut off the outer corners of the shirt.

5. Unfold the shirt and flip it over.

6. Cut off the back bottom hem – leaving the front intact.

7. Cut a “T” shape into the front bottom hem. This will be your tie.

8. Fold the shirt front in half and cut out a design in the top, near the collar. Picture yourself making a paper snowflaked. Same process!

And that’s it! In eight quick steps you can take a drab over-sized tee and transform it into a chic eco-friendly tank that you can wear all season long. Wear it with your favorite skirt and flats or layer it up with a chunky cardigan and skinny jeans. There are so many ways you can style your home-made Cut-Out Tie Top!

No Sew Home-made Tank from a t-shirt


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