Bed Rest: All Done!

Today is my first day of freedom! I am almost operating at full capacity after a seven day ‘house arrest’ in which I was to remain immobile to help with the healing of a leg and hip injury. Though I still have several weeks of physical therapy, I’m back at work, able to soak up some sun and enjoy some freedom.

I was able to accomplish more than I’d anticipated while at home this past week. I gave this website a full makeover – from backgrounds and buttons to new pages and content. I’ve been able to schedule all my new posts clear until mid-June too! I also caught up on a bunch of reading, worked on illustrations, embroidery and just filled myself to the brim with inspiration via blogs and pinterest. I also had the opportunity to read tons of articles on running an indie business.

Now that I’m up and about I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my new apartment while working on product photos and sewing my new-fangled designs. I have a lot of exciting opportunities in the works too and will keep you abreast as they are finalized.

Thank you for bearing with my daily progress posts. Now back to your regularly schedule programming!


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