An Indie Biz: Renegade Prep Party

It’s the end of summer and there’s so much to celebrate!

The farmer’s markets are in full bounty, the temperatures still sweet, and Renegade is just a couple of weeks away – so why not throw a party?!

It has become famed Pierogi Picnic tradition to throw a casual crafting event in preparation for the fall fair. And with the added joy of this year’s collaboration with Caitlin Peters of Wanderlustings – I could barely contain my excitement for this year’s soiree.

Caitlin had the fantastic suggestion of making the meetup a brunch affair. This meant cooking a variety of yummy vegetarian breakfast foods while still indulging in the focus of the mid-day brain. We served up delish bagels and shmear from Beans and Bagels, yummy dishes with ingredients from the market and garden like asparagus goat cheese mini quiches and watermelon mint salad, and organic oj and iced coffee.

Once we were fueled by food we embarked on our crafting mission. Caitlin and my vision for our shared booth is to create a space reminiscent of a vintage boutique while retaining the airy and folkish vibe that draws most shoppers to outdoor fairs. So we scoured and stalked the web to find inspirations for our bohemian meets queen anne’s lace booth vibe.

We started our crafting off by constructing a bathtub’s worth of paper pom poms out of salvaged newspapers. Making these fluffy fiber balls was not as easy as it looks – there was paper flying, strings popping, and dogs eager to distract us from our duties.

Next, we sliced and slit a variety of thrifted linens in soft muted tones to create a backdrop of cascading fabrics. Our inspiration for this craft was Confetti System – an artist/designer duo who revel in the creation of fun space altering party accessories. After seeing their incredible craft installations Caitlin and I invoked our own interpretation via frayed recycled fabrics.

Buntings have become almost cliche in the craft world – but that doesn’t mean they’re not cute as heliotrope! That’s why when we were musing our booth design Caitlin and I knew we’d have to keep this simple decor item in mind. Using a simple ribbon and vintage doilies – we snipped and sewed a long line pennants to create another festive embellishment to our tent.

Now all that’s left to do is finish up remaining items, tag, price and pack! With the fair just two weeks away we’re crafting up a storm and can’t wait to reveal our collective vision to the masses. So don’t forget to RSVP for the fair on the Facebook event page here and give a shout out to these two clever crafters.


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