Meet the Models: Caitlin

Whether it’s posting incredible finds on her blog, Wanderlustings, or creating effortlessly elegant and retro-inspired jewelry for her Etsy shop, Caitlin’s a force to be reckoned with! So how could I not invite her to pose for me in a Pierogi Picnic photo shoot?!

To get into her lovely brain further, I asked her what inspired her. Here’s Caitlin’s response:

“Possibly anything. But constants seem to be: being different, creative and driven people, cinematography, music designed to tell a story, architecture, anything experimental, Paul Pope, comic books in general, decades past, Klaus Nomi, playing pretend, Ray and Charles Eames, self-awareness and letting your imagination run wild.”

Beautiful inside and out – isn’t she?!


Styling: Wanderlustings Lust

I absolutely adore Caitlin Peters of Wanderlustings! Not only is she my craft fair collaborator extraordinaire – she’s also the brains behind the exceptionally beautiful line of jewelry and the blog that goes with it. Imagine my delight when one of her recent posts featured my “No Sweat” upcycled sweater! I love the way Caitlin layers the piece with a delicate white lace undershirt and pencil skirt. The cowboy boots are a nice touch too! It makes the top perfect for lounging and wearing to the office.

An Indie Biz: Renegade Prep Party

It’s the end of summer and there’s so much to celebrate!

The farmer’s markets are in full bounty, the temperatures still sweet, and Renegade is just a couple of weeks away – so why not throw a party?!

It has become famed Pierogi Picnic tradition to throw a casual crafting event in preparation for the fall fair. And with the added joy of this year’s collaboration with Caitlin Peters of Wanderlustings – I could barely contain my excitement for this year’s soiree.

Caitlin had the fantastic suggestion of making the meetup a brunch affair. This meant cooking a variety of yummy vegetarian breakfast foods while still indulging in the focus of the mid-day brain. We served up delish bagels and shmear from Beans and Bagels, yummy dishes with ingredients from the market and garden like asparagus goat cheese mini quiches and watermelon mint salad, and organic oj and iced coffee. Continue reading