An Indie Biz: Holidays on my Mind

I remember when I used to quip how ridiculous retailers were about their premature holiday roll outs. Now that I’m nearing my fourth winter season with Pierogi Picnic I hang my head in shame for my previous judgements. Retail is all about pre-planning – especially in the digital realm.

I should have started my holiday prepping over the summer – but how could I possibly tear myself away from the allure of the outdoors to sit inside for business planning?! But it’s not too late to get my approach for this season set and you can too with these four steps: Continue reading


An Indie Biz: Renegade Prep Party

It’s the end of summer and there’s so much to celebrate!

The farmer’s markets are in full bounty, the temperatures still sweet, and Renegade is just a couple of weeks away – so why not throw a party?!

It has become famed Pierogi Picnic tradition to throw a casual crafting event in preparation for the fall fair. And with the added joy of this year’s collaboration with Caitlin Peters of Wanderlustings – I could barely contain my excitement for this year’s soiree.

Caitlin had the fantastic suggestion of making the meetup a brunch affair. This meant cooking a variety of yummy vegetarian breakfast foods while still indulging in the focus of the mid-day brain. We served up delish bagels and shmear from Beans and Bagels, yummy dishes with ingredients from the market and garden like asparagus goat cheese mini quiches and watermelon mint salad, and organic oj and iced coffee. Continue reading

Renegade 2011: Your Feedback Needed

I will be selling my Pierogi Picnic wares for the third year at the crème de la crème of indie handmade festivals: the Renegade Craft Fair!

Over the years I’ve learned a thing or to about participating in the show. One of the first is to have a game plan well in advance. Not only am I already sewing my little hands away at fall fashions – I’m also plotting out displays, business cards, and pre-fair graphics. I spent the first half of the day musing up new designs and the latter sitting at my sewing machine experimenting with new pieces.

Now I’m winding things down by contemplating my merchandising, tags and displays. As I started to think about the look and theme of this year’s  fest I realized that I have yet to send in my icon for the Renegade website!

That’s where you come in! I am looking for feedback as to which icon has the most eye-catching look. With 300+ vendors in this year’s event it’s more important then ever to stand out from the crowd. Take a peek at the images above and click on your favorite to be directed to the Pierogi Picnic Facebook page where you can cast your official vote.

Selecting the website icon is just the tip of the iceberg in preperation for the big weekend. I’ll continue to fill you in on all my scheming over the next couple of months. And as if I’m not excited enough with my own planning –  I will be sharing my booth with the lovely and talented Caitlin Peters of Wanderlustings. More info on our collaboration coming soon!

Thank you in advance for voting!