Press: Stylish Blogger Award

Love love loving on Caitlin Peters over at Wanderlustings for presenting me with a Stylish Blogger Award!

So now it’s up to me to award seven other bloggers who are stirring things up while revealing seven interesting facts about me.

The Stylish Blogger Awards go to:

1. Wandurlustings: I have to return the flattery to Caitlin at Wanderlustings. Her inspirational posts are everything they claim to be and her romanticized Etsy creations will steal your heart.

2. Monkey and Squirrel: Maybe it’s wrong to just award friends – but I’ve coveted Jenn’s unique aesthetic since we met in NYC. She too fills her blog with daily eye candy, as well as vegan living tips and sneak peaks into her new rustic goodies for the home.

Photo from Simple Lovely

3. The Midwasteland: This incredible blog showcases Chicago street style in all its glory. Great for giving you ideas on what to do with pieces you already own.

4. Smile and Wave: A bright and boldly colored blog with a retro twist. Rachel knows how to balance great finds with a fun aesthetic.

5. Simple Lovely: The name says it all. Clean, modern and down-to-earth – Joslyn’s style is effortless and…well…lovely.

6. Eco Etsy: I’m a bit partial here as I’m a long-term member of the Eco Etsy street team – but the blog is definitely worth following. From fashion, style, and design to business advice and eco-living tips, this site will encourage you to be stylish and sustainable.

7. Mint: Love this cool and fresh blog for its modern eye and ability to push new designers out to the masses.

Seven Facts About Me:

1. My first language is Polish. Maybe some of you may have inferred this by my obvious pierogi obsession – but if you didn’t – now you know!

2. I am a certified scuba diver. And was the youngest ever to pass certification at 12 years of age (at least back then).

3. I studied and worked in film production for over a decade.

4. I have an aversion to needles. This tid bit didn’t develop until a few years ago during a freak accident in a doctor’s office when during a blood sampling I passed out, hit the floor face first, and was in the hospital. I had amnesia and have never regained my memory from that day.

5. I sing lead vocals in a Polish worship group called Odnowa.

6. I have been known to sleep walk: My family has found me locked in closets, walking around the house, and on one summer vacation, running towards the woods!

7. My father was a well known musician in the Eastern Block in a band called Homo Homini. And if that isn’t cool enough – he also made all his own outfits! Now we know where I get it from. Check him out in this video – he’s the stud in the white hat:


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