Years ago, okay, maybe just a few months back, the crafty control freak in me insisted on handmaking my own business cards. Though these mini branding agents turned out well enough to get special requests for customs – I found myself constantly struggling to find recycled card stock, ink for my obscure printer, and the patience to cut hundreds upon hundreds of cards by hand.

And then I discovered Moo. Continue reading


Learning the Biz: Craft Inc.

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When one of my friends decided to uproot to Morocco, one of her first ‘to-dos’ was unloading her plethora of books, crafts, and kitchen gadgets upon her eager friends. Besides the fantastic glass jars, stamps, and dehydrator, Irena saved me a read that she knew I would put to good use – Craft Inc. Entering into Pierogi Picnic’s third year, I hate to admit, I was a little cocky about the book’s premise at first. But then I needed a quick read for the ¬†el, and began to pour through the pages when I realized that I was totally wrong! Continue reading