Years ago, okay, maybe just a few months back, the crafty control freak in me insisted on handmaking my own business cards. Though these mini branding agents turned out well enough to get special requests for customs – I found myself constantly struggling to find recycled card stock, ink for my obscure printer, and the patience to cut hundreds upon hundreds of cards by hand.

And then I discovered Moo. I had used other outsourcing printers in the past for personal business cards, but the quality and sustainability factor were both low – hence my stubborn mission of making them on my own. After visiting a local coffee house and seeing a stack of the Moo mini cards I fell in love.

So when pondering my latest batch of business cards and resolved to use Moo. I placed the order just over 10 days ago and received them this past Saturday. What a quick turn around! And with the ability to make each card unique I placed 40 different photos onto the fronts – making for a colorful and diverse display of products.

Now that I sound like a professional sales person for this brand, I can’t help but add that Etsy and Moo came together to also offer 50 free business cards to Renegaders this year. So I ordered those too and am in absolute Moo heaven!


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