Learning the Biz: Craft Inc.

Mateo Ilasco's Site

When one of my friends decided to uproot to Morocco, one of her first ‘to-dos’ was unloading her plethora of books, crafts, and kitchen gadgets upon her eager friends. Besides the fantastic glass jars, stamps, and dehydrator, Irena saved me a read that she knew I would put to good use – Craft Inc. Entering into Pierogi Picnic’s third year, I hate to admit, I was a little cocky about the book’s premise at first. But then I needed a quick read for the  el, and began to pour through the pages when I realized that I was totally wrong!

Mateo Ilasco's Site

Written by Meg Mateo Ilasco, Craft Inc. is an incredible guide that teaches how to take your current indie art to the next level. From trade shows and production, to displays and customer service, this book really delves into the details of running a creative biz. Besides giving the conventional small business advice – Craft Inc. inspires and encourages the reader by giving time-tested tips as well glances into the lives of individuals who are currently living the dream. One of the most surprisingly influential sections has been Chapter 4: Production and Pricing Plans. I’d seen calculators and formulas on how to mark wholesale and retail costs – but Ilasco’s wisdom far outreached anything I had read before. The key to me was understanding ‘perceived value’ of the items you make – something that had never occurred to me previously.

Mateo Ilasco's Site

As I near the conclusion of the book I find myself blown away by the blend of practical advice and encouragement to stay true to one’s individual crafting style. Whether you are dabbling in knitting, have an Etsy shop, or are already the hottest new craft chic in town – you’ll want to pick up a copy of this book to learn the true ins and outs of running a creative business.


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