Events & Sales: Virtual Garage Sale

virtual garage sale: pierogi picnic

My mom recently booked David and I to help her with her first-ever garage sale – which got me thinking – I should hold one too! But online!

Starting on Friday morning through Sunday night, I’m going to be offering deep discounts on discontinued Pierogi Picnic items in my Etsy shop. I’m talking $15 and less on many classics, like those photographed here! Head over to my current sale bin, start hearting your faves, and then check back on June 6th for slashed prices.

It will be a great way to freshen up your wardrobe while making room in mine for new designs! Thanks for the idea mom!


Press: Eco-Minded Chicago

Kelly Lynn O’Brien, the beauty and brains behind Chicago’s newest go-to site for all things green, Eco-Minded Chicago, presented me with the honor of being her first featured designer on the site. Kelly is an inspiration to me on multiple fronts – as a bold vegan, Christian and city-dweller, she embodies the lifestyle I am always striving to achieve, one that’s balanced, authentic and filled with contentment.

Check out my fashion feature on her site, and more importantly, peruse the other contents of the site and you’ll be left feeling inspired and ready to explore the earth-friendly side of Chicago.

An Indie Biz: Inside My Studio

There’s nothing more intriguing to me than catching a glimpse into the studios of artists and crafters. Seeing the creative space of fellow makers always sets me into a flurry of inspiration. Which made me realize that I have not shared my own studio space.

And so I snapped a bunch of quick pictures of the nook that is my sewing studio. Below is a sneak peek into my own lil’ world of fabric, chaos and color.  Continue reading

Meet the Models: Jeannette

Jeannette is a talented jewelry designer and music lover who spends her time giggling and musing with friends in her vintage Chicago apartment.

Fascinated by various curios, some of Jeannette’s favorite films include Amelie, Donnie Darko and the Labyrinth.

When she’s not busy hopping and bopping you can find her bending circuits with a local hackers group.