Give Back Friday

Instead of giving into mass consumerism on black Friday, our little family is starting a new tradition: Give Back Friday.

We’ve been collecting donations from family and friends all month long so that we can create winter warmth kits for the homeless. We’ll be hitting the streets of downtown Chicago the day after Thanksgiving to share some basic provisions with people in need.

Each winter warmth kit will include gently used gloves, a hat, and scarf – the sheer basics for staving off some of the cruel Chicago chill. We’ll also include a new pair of thick socks, a gift card to a nearby cafe, and a hand written note of encouragement. But that’s not all. It’s also about the personal touch.

winter warmth

We could easily collect donations and drop them off at a local shelter but instead, have chosen to give the kits out personally. We want to make a connection with the people who receive these donations. We want to acknowledge them, share a word of encouragement, make them feel special. That’s also why each kit will be prettied up with festive packaging. We want these to feel like gifts, not hand-me-downs. We also want to instill in August, from a very young age, the importance of giving back and loving others.

winter warmth 2

We know we’re not the only ones looking to give back this Friday. We want to hear your stories, your plans. Share with us what you or your family are doing to spread love and hope this Christmas season.


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