The Little Things


Sigh. Spring feels so good. Good for the skin, spirit and everything in between!

This season of awakening senses reminds me how incredibly important it is to stop and appreciate all the little things in life. The smell of the air just before a rain. The satisfying smoky taste of freshly made espresso. The feel of the lake-side breeze. The slow blink of a kitty cat. The warm fuzzy feeling we get when we think about someone we love.

Sure, I’m being totally sappy here but isn’t life too short to let these moment drift by without notice? I don’t want to take any feeling, internal or external, for granted. That’s why I decided to keep things simple with today’s post and just focus on some of the everyday moments that fill my heart with joy.


IMG_20130429_093042Pierogi Picnic: The Little Things



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