The Bebe: 18 Months & Growing!

This past August marked, ahem, August’s half birthday! I’m convinced that all winter babies are entitled to some kind of mid-year hoopla to celebrate when the season is fair. And that’s exactly what we recently did!

All the parents I know warn of the fleeting nature of the early formative years – so I’ve made it a point to celebrate every milestone possible. First tooth? Celebration! First burp? Party-time! First word? Make it a holiday!

But in all seriousness, each new season, each new phase of development, is better than the last. Being the mama to such a quickly growing chap has been nothing but a delight and blessing. Watching him investigate, explore, and challenge the world around him is a treat. Plopping him down in a field to smell a flower, gather sticks, chase butterflies, and dig in the dirt makes this mama’s heart sing.

That’s why turning 1 1/2 years old was something I couldn’t let off easy. So on a recent summery weekend I planned a day filled with treats and outdoor activities. We had plans to hit the lakefront, stroll the park, play in the sand, eat pizza and frozen custard, and (of course!) sneak in some photos!



Recent nursing school grad, friend, and photographer, Jessica Woodville, has been delighting us with her nature photos for years. Since the birth of her much younger brother Adam she’s also been sharing adorable documentary style portraits of her baby bro. Watching her work develop, I had hoped for an excuse to nab her for an easy-going photo session with August. And what better time than the present, right?! Continue reading


The Little Things


Sigh. Spring feels so good. Good for the skin, spirit and everything in between!

This season of awakening senses reminds me how incredibly important it is to stop and appreciate all the little things in life. The smell of the air just before a rain. The satisfying smoky taste of freshly made espresso. The feel of the lake-side breeze. The slow blink of a kitty cat. The warm fuzzy feeling we get when we think about someone we love.

Sure, I’m being totally sappy here but isn’t life too short to let these moment drift by without notice? I don’t want to take any feeling, internal or external, for granted. That’s why I decided to keep things simple with today’s post and just focus on some of the everyday moments that fill my heart with joy.


IMG_20130429_093042Pierogi Picnic: The Little Things


Meet the Models: Rani

Imaginative, daring and creative, I had the pleasure of photographing Rani in my Pierogi Picnic creations at a recent photo shoot. Muse, co-founder and lead vocalist in the band Girl Detective, Rani is a whirlwind of creative energy! Started in 2011, her group combines the ambiance of eighties new wave with a romantic, almost Siouxsie Sioux melodic quality, that is both spell-binding and breath-taking. Girl Detective has become a perfect outlet for Rani’s interests in performance, writing, fashion, video, installation and, of course, singing!
Beyond her music, Rani also recently began painting in oils again, taking it up for the first time in many years. She loves to stand in front of her easel and push paint around to see something materialize. When I asked her to share two things most people may not know about her, Rani replied,”I am clairvoyant. I can leap tall buildings in a single bound.” A Halloween baby, Rani recently celebrated her birthday, and to no one’s surprise, counts pumpkins as one of her favorite produce items.
Visit Rani’s band’s website to hear and see all her gifts in action!

Renegade Prep #3: Picture Frame Signage

One of the best parts about doing Renegade and other outdoor fests is dreaming up displays. Last year I had lots of color and the original blue and green backdrop at the back of the tent. This year I’m keeping to the same themes but changing the color palette. The backdrop will now be the new gray and white combo that I use in my photos and that will reflect in other decor as well – including my signs.

Last year I hadn’t thought the signage through as much as I would have liked – but in my own defense I only had about two weeks to prepare. This time around everything is different. I have not been sewing in the month of August purposefully so as to focus on the ‘look’ of my booth. Continue reading