An Indie Biz: Sign Me Up

Every year I promise myself I’ll stick to last year’s show display plans – but then I start dreaming and become distracted by possibility. So I have once again undertaken the creation of new signs for my fair booth.

Last season I painted horizontal and vertical displays on balsa wood. The finished product was nice – but not large enough to catch someone’s eye from a distance.

So this year I’ve gone back to working in the medium I know best: fabric. Using natural cotton canvas and brightly color paints, I’ve made two new jumbo-sized banners for use on each side of my tent. The saturated teal and silver color combo turned out better than I imagined!

I also created some extra signage for the interior of my tent. This idea came to me after shopping at fairs and not being able to figure out what booth I was in, since most vendors hand signs on the exterior. To avoid a similar brand identity crisis I created two small fabric banners. They’ll be stretched across  distressed picture frames and hung near the back of my tent.

The last bit of new display that I’ve concocted is thanks to some pre-cut paper chipboard I scooped up at a local craft store. I’ve always struggled with how to label my show racks – and these light-weight, uber cute pieces will lend themselves nicely. All they needed was a splash of teal paint across the center to liven them up to my standard. I’ll be stringing them with some fabric scraps and will pop on some cursive font this weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing if the extra labeling of the garments racks helps customers navigate my inventory.

In hindsight – maybe making all these new signs was worth it. They’re were fun to create and I think fans will appreciate the constant evolution of my booth. Here’s to making things fresh for the new season!


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