Inspiration: Anthropologie

We all have our guilty little pleasures. For my husband it’s sneaking in a freshly baked cupcake before work. For my eldest dog, Peanut, it’s pretending to be asleep to evade his 7am walk. Whatever the indulgence, there’s one that I can no longer deny: Anthro stalking.

Sure, I can say that I just walk by and admire their window displays, or go in from time to time just to peruse their sale racks, but who am I kidding?! My sole purpose for going in many a visit is to fill my lungs with whimsy and inspiration. Much of the applause is due to the visual merch team. Both Anthro and Urban (who are owned by the same peeps who bring us Free People) know that their clientele has a weakness for rustic yet romantic handmade visual displays. It’s how they sucker many of us in in the first place!

So on a recent visit with my beau, brother and soon to be sister-in-law, I put my apprehensions away at facing this love affair and began to snap snap and snap photos of their gorgeous, breath-taking displays. Continue reading

An Indie Biz: Sign Me Up

Every year I promise myself I’ll stick to last year’s show display plans – but then I start dreaming and become distracted by possibility. So I have once again undertaken the creation of new signs for my fair booth.

Last season I painted horizontal and vertical displays on balsa wood. The finished product was nice – but not large enough to catch someone’s eye from a distance.

So this year I’ve gone back to working in the medium I know best: fabric. Continue reading

An Indie Biz: Indoor Fairs

Tonight is the eve of the DIY Trunk Show and I am surprised to find I have butterflies in my stomach! No matter now many times or places I sell my wares in person – I am always anxious the night prior. And this show is different as I’m not just showing off my handmade goodies, I’m also leading DIY craft demos for participants.

What also sets the DIY Trunk Show apart from others is that Pierogi Picnic was a last-minute add-on. So between this show – and Renegade on December 4th & 5th – my brain is in fair preparation overload!

Here are some of the ideas I have up my sleeve and some things to inspire other vendors prepping for the madness of the season. If you’re anything like me you have butterflies too and could benefit from some advice! Continue reading

Events: Renegade Craft Fair Fun!

Thank you to everyone who came out this past weekend to our third stint at the Chicago Renegade Craft fair!

Not only was the weather perfect – we really lucked out with our spot! Our booth was across from Milk & Honey which made for easy snack and coffee access. We also enjoyed gourmet snow cones a plenty throughout the event care of Joe Snow. To the left of our space we had the very talented dynamic duo that is Cursive Design. While our back wall listened in on many a conversation with fellow Chicago crafter Angel D’Amico of Ad Love.

Sharing the booth with Caitlin Peters of Wanderlustings was a godsend. Having a creative partner in crime really eased some of the day’s pressure off my shoulders. Not only was the prep via craft party a romping good time – setting up, tearing down, and mid-day perk ups all felt easy breezy with her (and our significant others) help.

And on top of the great spot and wonderful company – I got to enjoy the best part about RCF – meeting all of you face to face! So thank you all again for venturing out through the heat and crowds to shop and visit – Renegade would never be complete without the shiny happy faces of all the Pierogi Picnic fans like you!

Rockin’ Renegade 2010

The weekend is over and all of our preparations culminated in the excitement of the last two days! Saturday met us with a chilly and wet beginning. We packed up the car in our pajamas trying to beat the rain. Once we had things lock, stock, and barrel, we slowed down for a simple breakfast and game plan breakdown. It would be wet, we’d be setting up in the cold rain, and we’d have Peanut, our super sweet BT Frenchie mix along for the first half of the day.

Despite the hazy and chilly start to our day – Saturday turned out to be a wonderful day! Once the raindrops stopped we pulled down our tent walls to let some air flow through. We had done minor merchandising for fear of dampening – but once the sun was out we pulled out all the stops! Racks came out into the street, our lil’ vintage bench hit the curb, and an alluring accessories table was placed to peak out of the tent ‘just so.’ Peanut was also quite the attraction – luring visitors into our booth with his sleepy gaze and inviting grin. Continue reading