Events: Renegade Sneak Peek – All About Ombre

This ombre trend is contagious! I have been wanting to experiment with fabric dye for a long time and the melted color look has given me the perfect excuse to do just that!

Using a technique that calls for a slow dip and release process, I created the new “All About Ombre” dress that gives each frock a deep gradient toward the lower hem. An elegant way to revive pre-loved cotton fabric, this design forced me to keep the remainder of the piece simple so as to not distract from the color flow. So after hand-making the dress, and then dying it, I added a tiny triangular pocket to the front – giving it a bit of whimsy without offsetting the compositional balance of the item.

To take a gander at this new dress in person – swing by my booth at the Renegade Craft Fair. That’s where it will be making its debut, alongside lots and lots of other new designs.


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