DIY: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Bargain hunting, thrifting, flea hopping, dumpster diving – however you do it and whatever you call it – there’s something to be said for salvaging used goods and bringing them home. Rather than purchasing a newly manufactured item, scooping up a vintage or pre-loved piece is a sure-fire way to give your home character while keeping your wallet feeling thick. But the key to re-using any kind of item is giving it a new spin. Which is where a little paint and elbow grease come in! 

When looking for something to hang above the mantle of our fireplace, I knew I’d want a mirror to add depth through reflection. So the hunt began. For several weeks I scoured garage sales, vintage boutiques and thrift stores to no avail. I wanted something gaudy, with an interesting shape. And then, on a run for fabric to the Village Thrift, I spotted it. A wooden octagonal beauty with etched flowers. This was it! I threw down some money, ditched my textiles, and dragged the monstrosity home.

The first step to transforming my mantle centerpiece was giving it a good scrub-down. Once it was dry, I set out some newspaper on our table and prepared the paint. I knew I’d want to paint over the flowers with a cool neutral – so I pulled out the excess yolo paint that we had used in our living room – which is a lovely deep grey. Next, I mixed up a bold chartreuse using a set of acrylic paints I had from a previous project.

With my colors ready and the mirror in its place, I began to work. I applied the neon green hue to the wooden base in three coats. While waiting for each layer to dry, I carefully worked on painting the etched floral glass with the dark grey. Careful to apply it smoothly, I used a foam brush to ensure an even application. After all the paint was applied I went back with an exacto knife and cleaned up the edges so the lines on the glass had a sharp finish. The final touch? Adding hardware and wire to the back so we could position it perfectly in its new home.

Do you have a recent DIY facelift that you’ve given an item in your place? Share details of your project below!


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