Greening Martha: Eco-Chic Mother’s Day Gift Wrap

Greening Martha: DIY Eco-Chic Printed Paper

No matter what you’ll be gifting to your mum this Mother’s Day, there’s one thing that’s certain: you’ll need gift wrap. Whether it’s a unique one-of-a-kind creation or a store bought token of affection, we’ll all be scurrying to package up our presents before handing them off to our moms. So rather than purchase yet another roll of paper from the store – why not make your very own!

That’s exactly what Martha Stewart’s team did in a recent tutorial they featured on her website. But as is true to the name of our series, Greening Martha, we wanted to take this fun how-to one eco step further. The easiest way to do that was give the supplies a sustainable spin.

Rather than purchase virgin paper for the shabby chic printing, we reached for some recently read newspaper. Not only is it a more earth-friendly way to DIY, it’s also a great way to save a few bucks! Beyond the papery base, there was also the question of buying stencils for the project. Rather than purchase an item for the one time craft, we decided to get creative by digging through the fridge to find some just-past-fresh produce to use for stamping. We grabbed a shady looking celery stalk and decided to give that a go for the print-making. And boy were we pleasantly surprised! The simple geometric shape of the stalk, combined with a vivid set of hues, made for the sweetest set of wrapping papers that we’ll use to get our presents ready for mom.

And you can give it a try too! Below are our step-by-step pictorial instructions on how to make a simple and eco-chic set of wrapping papers using everyday items. Give it a whirl and be sure to experiment with different shapes, sizes and colors to add even more personal touch to your presents.

Pierogi Picnic Greening Martha: Eco-Chic Printed Paper for gift wrapping


Item of the Week: Cosby Skirt

cosby sweater skirt from pierogi picnic

What’s cozier than a soft knitted skirt made to fit your curves? One that also makes you reminisce of a time long gone by!

My fun-loving Cosby Skirts bring you the best of both worlds! Made from pre-loved 80s men’s sweaters, these fun pieces will take you back decades to a time when geometric shapes, bold colors and funky textures ruled!

Each Cosby skirt is handmade from meticulously chosen fabric – making sure each is absolutely itch-free and slightly stretchy – giving the final product a comfy and fitted feel. One of my most popular pieces at in-person events, these skirts are easy to wear and can be dressed up or down for any event.

Truly one-of-a-kind, you won’t want to miss out on these uniquely wonderful minis!

Trends: Color Report Fall 2012

Every few months Pantone puts together a color report to summarize hue trends for the upcoming season. In a surprising twist – the palette for fall has a unique smattering of shades – many that would normally be found in a spring collection. I picked my four favorites hues and compiled a series of eye-catching looks from Etsy to get you thinking about Autumn.

Vernon blouse by Kimmy Kuo

Oval N5 brooch by Verónica de Arriba

Sunrise Anonymous bear leggings by Qoo Qoo Fashions

Girl with Dotty Scarf by 10antemeridian

Point of Light tunic dress by Pierogi Picnic

Danae lace collar necklace by White Owl

DIY: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Bargain hunting, thrifting, flea hopping, dumpster diving – however you do it and whatever you call it – there’s something to be said for salvaging used goods and bringing them home. Rather than purchasing a newly manufactured item, scooping up a vintage or pre-loved piece is a sure-fire way to give your home character while keeping your wallet feeling thick. But the key to re-using any kind of item is giving it a new spin. Which is where a little paint and elbow grease come in!  Continue reading

Meet the Models: Jared

Jared migrated to Chicago from a small town in Ohio and now thrives in this new metropolis he calls home. A gifted painter, his ghostly creations infuse viewers with both curiosity and wonder as they gaze through a fog of paint where faces peer out from under the surface. Jared’s stunning art defies his cool and friendly demeanor.

Infinitely approachable with his grizzly beard and soft smirks – Jared spends his hours away from the studio reading, philosophizing, brewing coffee, napping, and canoodling with his dogs Frankenstein and Vera.