We’re Moving!

I am almost twitching with excitement – but it’s official – we’re moving!

What started as a casual apartment hunt, “should we happen to find the ‘perfect’ place” kind of search, has turned into a sudden reality. We’ve found a place that’s bigger, sunnier, cheaper, closer to work and in a more vibrant neighborhood. On top of it, our finances are aligning in a way that we’ll have all our costs covered without having to dip into our normal budget. Coincidence? I think not! An answer to my quiet prayers – this new place looks like it’s just what the divine doctor ordered.

So we have exactly 17 days to pack, pick paint colors, and devise a decorating plan for our new digs. I’ve already googled some moving tips, and my favorite, thus far, is this handy dandy checklist from the mother of organization, Martha Stewart. I will be using it to help prioritize and plan out the next few weeks. I also love her tips on managing the packing and transporting of objects in this post. Leave it to Martha to help me get myself together!

We’re also going to be planning a “Moving Sale” and in conjunction with it a going-away party for all the neighbors we’ve grown close with over the years. We will truly miss the community that we’ve taken part in within our apartment complex. Between the smiling faces and eager helping hands – it’s going to be difficult leaving their familiarity and warmth. So we’ll be thanking them with a little celebration.

What does this all mean for Pierogi Picnic? There’s two big things that will have to happen. 1) I will be having a massive moving sale starting next week – to help distribute older designs and lighten the load. 2) It also means that the Etsy shop will be going on ‘vacation’ for several days before our internet is setup and my inventory is organized again.

So in a nutshell – my life is about to get really exciting, messy, sweaty and then lovely again! I will be sure to keep the blog updated with our progress too! If you have any tips on moving or decorating a new abode – please share them in the comments below.


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