Day 2 of Nesting

This past Saturday we moved into our new apartment. The move was super smooth thanks to the help of my amazing brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law. David’s brawn and brain helped to coordinate things nicely too! My mom helped me paint most of the rooms last week with my favorite Yolo shades and we were able to install some organizers and curtains last night. Below are some before and afters of our current progress in unpacking and arranging. More updates to come later this week!



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We’re Moving!

I am almost twitching with excitement – but it’s official – we’re moving!

What started as a casual apartment hunt, “should we happen to find the ‘perfect’ place” kind of search, has turned into a sudden reality. We’ve found a place that’s bigger, sunnier, cheaper, closer to work and in a more vibrant neighborhood. On top of it, our finances are aligning in a way that we’ll have all our costs covered without having to dip into our normal budget. Coincidence? I think not! An answer to my quiet prayers – this new place looks like it’s just what the divine doctor ordered.

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